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Post like a pro: Three social media apps for scheduling and more

Managing your social media presence can be a full-time job—and an expensive undertaking. A host of products is available to help, but not every tool is right for everyone. Read on to learn about three apps that can help you post your content across various social networks, and, in some cases, a bit more.

Source: www.pcworld.com

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How to Build an Instant Social Media Following For Your Company

Social media can impact how and where we spend our money. More than three-quarters of US consumers, for instance, report that their friends’ social messages directly influence their buying decisions.

But the challenge here for businesses is that you can’t influence a social media audience you don’t have. Companies can post on Twitter, Facebook and other networks all day long, but that effort amounts to little without significant social followings on the receiving end.

Many businesses in this position, however, may be overlooking a crucial resource that’s already on their payroll: their own employees.

A company’s own employees represent an untapped, internal social marketing army. A little math reveals the potential. Let’s suppose a mid-sized company new to social media is able to gain an audience of 1,000 Twitter followers on its corporate account: significant but perhaps not the critical mass needed to drive sales. Now let’s suppose that that same company has 100 employees, each of whom has an average audience of 100 Twitter followers. If all of those employees share the company’s updates, the potential reach is now 10,000 Twitter users—a ten-fold increase.

Source: blog.hootsuite.com

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The LinkedIn Effect: Why Social Media Is Now Mandatory for Success

Call it the “LinkedIn Effect.” Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook have changed the nature of human interaction forever.

Certainly, social media is now pervasive among young and old alike for social purposes; it is fun, sometimes voyeuristic, and often unexpectedly entertaining. Yet for professionals seeking to achieve the highest levels of position and impact, it is no longer an optional activity. Long-term career success is now dependent upon it.

Why? The reason is folded into our brains, which have evolved greatly over time in order to manage our personal networks. Within each of our networks, different people play different roles. Sociologists label those in our inner circle — family, best friends from high school or college, longtime co-workers and perhaps a handful of others — as “strong ties.” These are people we stay in close touch with and have frequent interaction. We share a common experience.

Source: www.forbes.com

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How to Get More Out of Facebook Ads #facebookmarketing

Do you use Facebook to promote your business?

Are you struggling to find ways to get noticed on the platform?

With each update to Facebook, it becomes increasingly harder for small businesses to make a splash in front of their intended audience.

Here are four marketing tactics you can use to get more out of your Facebook advertising.

Source: www.socialmediaexaminer.com

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Disney Finds Magic In Reciprocity Marketing

A healthy change is taking place: Consumers are demanding that brands engage them in conversations versus one-way blasts.

But for this to be effective, both consumers and marketers have to change previous behaviors.

Consumers have to recognize that to receive more relevant and personalized communications, offers, and experiences, they need to provide deeper personal or business information.
Marketers have to recognize that to competitively differentiate, they have to provide significantly more personalized communications, offers, and experiences. However, true personalization is based on much more than traditional transactional data. Marketers must earn the right to collect increasingly deeper levels of preference-based data.

Source: www.business2community.com

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