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Facebook wants to be a TV star to grab more ad money: Gadfly

It won’t last, but Facebook’s growth train keeps chugging along for now.

The company said Wednesday that its revenue rose 51 percent in the fourth quarter, and it turned 52 cents of every dollar into operating profit. That is a remarkable profit margin, and Facebook’s best ever.

Source: www.seattletimes.com

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Graphic Design Trends Fading in 2016 

To say that the graphics are the creation of visual proclamation is not wrong at all. It is a specialty of combining thoughts, pictures, and additionally messages into a site or publications. The utilization of graphic design in the 21st century developed increasingly and now, you can see them all over the place; books, street signs, sites, TV design, manuals and each little detail of your day by day life.

For Graphic Designers, one of the great task to fulfill is to stay aware of the modern trends. Trends change, as do individuals from time to time. The trends are about what is favored by most of the people at a specific moment of time. What is “hot” in the world of graphic design and what’s not is the only thing that is in any way important in some cases. And if you do make something out of design, it will, most of the time, go to waste. At worse, it might be abused or discredited, which implies terrible reputation as a graphic designer, which is very critical.

Source: graphicdesignjunction.com

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3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Content by @JulieGTR @scoopit

All things being equal, content that generates results over a long period will win over content with a shorter life span.

But time is a difficult thing in content marketing. With 9,100 tweets scrolling by per second, the average lifetime of a single tweet is no more than 18 minutes. Twitter is our live radio broadcast, Facebook is live TV. Content doesn’t stick there, but is washed away by the next update almost as soon as you’ve hit publish.

Source: contentmarketinginstitute.com

Great article with a ton of helpful tips for you to use in your content marketing strategy.

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Social Ad Spend Surpasses Television: New Research 

Is your company wondering where to allocate its advertising budget?

Are you on the fence about whether jumping into social media advertising is worth it?

New research shows that for the first time, digital and social media ad spending has surpassed that of TV. Marketers everywhere may revisit their strategies, leading to big changes in ad spend.

In this article, you’ll discover where digital advertising dollars are being spent, why marketers are flocking to certain media, and how you can keep up with the pack.

Source: www.socialmediaexaminer.com

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Facebook Ad Campaign Will Urge Users to Stream Live Video

Facebook Inc. plans a major ad campaign, including TV spots and billboards, to encourage more of its 1.7 billion users to stream live video on the social network, according to people familiar with the matter.

Facebook Live, launched in April, has been adopted by many major publishers and public figures, some of whom are paid millions of dollars by Facebook to produce a specified number of live videos every month.

Source: www.wsj.com

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