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3 Simple Ways to Turn Your Website Archive into Profitable Books and eBooks | Copyblogger

Think about all the hours you spend to publish great content on your website or/and blogs. Here some ideas how you can use them to create your own book or ebook. [note mg]


Attention Bloggers: I’ve seen the future, and you’re missing it.

Oh sure, we bloggers think we’re the most up-to-date, leading-edge, tech-savvy people on the planet.


But one of the biggest changes in the long history of content creation is taking place right under your feet, and I’m afraid it may be passing you by.


Yep, the ground is shifting, fortunes are being made, and some of the people who could best profit from this tectonic shift — content producers — are mostly sitting on the sidelines.


Okay, what am I talking about? The revolution in book publishing …


Maybe you’ve heard some of the success stories of the authors who’ve been selling a ton of paranormal romances, thrillers or other genre novels on Amazon’s Kindle platform, but that’s not what I’m talking about.


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