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9 Ways to Improve the Signal to Noise Ratio on Twitter | Brian Solis

Excerpted from article:

“The feeling the overload of information is very real and a reflection of our inability to pull the levers necessary to decrease noise and improve signal. Doing so, requires some very blatant actions that don’t simply reduce the volume of the information we don’t care to see as often, it requires disconnecting from human beings. Whether we’re severing ties with individuals or those representing an organization we once supported, it’s emotional.


Think about why you Tweet or update your status. It’s part self-expression, part therapy, part fulfilling, and of course, part egocentric.


We are as guilty by our inaction as others are for their action. And at the same time, we are also guilty of contributing to the noise. The truth is that it’s easier to blame others than hold up a digital mirror.


Here are 9 Ways to Improve the Signal to Noise Ratio in Social Networks:


1. News No Longer Breaks, it Tweets:

Old news is no news. Twitter places emphasis on real-time information.


2. Add Perspective:

Opinions in social media tend to spark dialogue. So, add an opinion, a pertinent fact or move the conversation forward rather than simply sending your update or hitting Like or Retweet.


3. K.I.S.S.:

I often say, in brevity there’s clarity. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Studies show that followers appreciate conciseness. Keep it short.


4. Don’t #geekout with @’s and #Syntax LOL <-This!:

It’s pretty easy to geek out on Twitter…especially when using 140 characters is already too complicated (kidding). Often we’re ompelled to overuse Twitter syntax such as #hashtags, @mentions, code, and abbreviations.


5. Strengthen Your Inner Voice:

For some reason, Twitter debilitates our ability to practice self restraint and therefore we are somehow inspired to express nonessential experiences.


6. Context is King:

Think about each Tweet or update as contributing to an experience or image that you want others to see of you or of your perspective.


7. If You Don’t Have Anything Good to Say…:


8. Introduce Brain Teasers:

Savvy marketers, producers, and editors alike figured out long ago that building anticipation creates an appetite before an official release. Intrigue your followers.


9. Brands are People Too:

The study found that individuals or businesses with a public persona should pay particular attention to how their status updates lend to the brand they wish to portray. Sounds incredibly commonsensical, but it’s not as it ties to several of the bullets above.


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