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Branding & Marketing using Scoop.it for your business.

Scoop.it Templates

With the launch of Scoop.its new series of templates now marketers and business owners are offered new ways to brand their topics. Using these new templates, I’ve re-looked at the branding possibilities within the platform. As a long term Scoop.it user, it has become part of my marketing strategy and I’ve seen a good return on my investment, both in traffic to my website, social networks and new clients.

Branding in today’s crowded webspace has many challenges, a business must find new opportunities to expand its reach and using content curation can play a key role in your marketing and branding strategy. Below are a couple examples of the branding options within the new templates with videos showing how to customize your topics.


Touchme Scoop.it Marketinghits

Here are a couple of how to videos showing the new templates and some of the customization options.

Bonus video – this video shows how to embed your Twitter feed into one of the new templates. It is more of a template hack than a template customization.

See all my Scoop.it topics or to sign up for Scoop.it use this link http://www.scoop.it/u/brian-yanish

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