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Build a Complete Website. On an iPad. #ipad #websitedesign

Let’s take a look at how (or indeed if) it’s possible to design and build a website entirely on an iPad. We’ll use a variety of apps to conceive, wireframe, design, code and deploy a simple HTML web page.

Ever since tablets breached into mainstream usage, we’ve taken a quick stance on working out the best way to support these new devices for consumption of web content. I’ve written numerous articles across our blogs about this topic, as have many of my fellow writers. Books have been published. Panels have been held.

But what if the tablet could be a viable platform, not only for consumption, but for creation? There’s been a recurring meme that touch devices are no good for productivity, and there’s no hope for getting any real work done on one. Yet, its svelte form and portability make it a fantastic device, especially for freelancers, who aren’t necessarily tied down to a specific workplace.

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