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Corporate Blogging Questions Answered

“Why should we blog?”

The answer, of course, is different for everyone. Social media marketers will tell you that blogging is an important branding exercise because it creates and inserts the “voice of the brand” into an online conversation that is dominated by customers, haters, pundits, and the competition. A corporate blog provides the brand’s official story amidst  online rumor, innuendo, and slander.

Others will tell you that a corporate blog is a critical hub that anchors all your social media engagement. It fuels content to social media networks, provides an anchor for all those disparate communities, and serves a gateway to your corporate site. Still others will tell you it’s an important tool for search engine optimization.

They’re all correct. For Sensei however, the blog is our official corporate website. We purposely chose to not produce a traditional marketing agency website in order to live up to our name. Sensei’s vision is to share the experiences and lessons learned over the many years our principals have been working in this field. As a reminder, I sign each blog post with “feed your community, not your ego” and to us, using our site to inspire conversations and educate our audience fulfils that vision.

“How do you choose topics? How do you not run out of them?”

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