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Crowdsourcing As A Service: Citizen Reporters, Mystery Shoppers and Intelligence Gathering

Via Scoop.itMarketingHits

Smartphones aren’t just great devices for communication and consumption; they’re also incredibly powerful tools for gathering information. Once you cross from hardware to software, it almost doesn’t matter what kind of information it is. What matters is mobilizing that huge network of machines and making sense of the information they’re sharing. This, at least, is Engagement Media Technologies’ central premise. EMT makes mobile apps and backend services for three very different industries: citizen journalism, retail brand engagement, and intelligence and security operations. What do these three fields have in common? They all need access to mobile users — and the information they might be be able to gather on those devices. It could be information about the world taken from photos, videos, audio, location and sensor data. Or it could be information about the user, taken from what he or she elects to directly contribute.
Via www.wired.com

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