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Dear [insert Business Name], What’s Your Promise?

“You say you want to get closer to customers, but your actions are different than your words.

You say you want to “surprise and delight” customers, but your product development teams are too busy building against a roadmap without consideration of the 5th P of marketing…people.”


If we are to truly change, we must find purpose. We must uncover the essence of our business and the value it delivers to traditional and connected consumers. We must rethink the spirit of today’s embrace and clearly articulate how transformation is going to improve customer and employee experiences and relationships now and over time.


What’s Your Promise? Your promise to me as your consumer, stakeholder, and partner. 

A promise is meant to inspire

For without it, we cannot genuinely voice what it is we stand for or stand behind.

It serves as the foundation for your vision, mission, and all business strategies and it must come from the top to mean anything. For without it, we cannot genuinely voice what it is we stand for or stand behind.


A promise is the ink that inscribes the spirit of the relationship between you and me. A promise serves as the words that influence change from within and change beyond the halls of our business.


Organizations that strive for innovation, imagination, and relevance will outperform those that do not.


Change will only happen because you and other internal champions see what others can’t and will do what other won’t. It takes resolve. It takes the ability to translate new opportunities into business value. And, it takes courage.


Remember To Aim For A Higher Purpose!


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