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Goodbye MobileMe, hello mobile you – Your files DELETED forever June 30 #mobileme


MobileMe’s most original feature was synchronisation: wireless, automatic, seamless auto-updating of data among your gadgets. Your address book, calendars, email, notes, Web bookmarks and other information were always up to date on all your machines (Macs, Windows PCs and iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches) — and always backed up.


That’s all part of iCloud now. But when MobileMe dies on June 30, three other useful features will die with it: iDisk, iWeb Publishing (one-click website building) and Gallery (beautiful online photo and video galleries). Apparently, Apple wants to get out of the storage business.


If you use those three features, your To Do list has just sprouted a couple of new items. First, you have to rescue your files from iDisk, iWeb Publishing and Gallery, because they’ll be deleted forever on June 30. Apple has posted detailed instructions for doing that on its MobileMe Transition page.


Second, you’ll probably want to find replacements for those three orphaned services.


Now, the bad news is that nothing out there is quite as slick, clean and well integrated into your Apple gadgets. But the alternatives offer a lot of choice and a lot of power. Here, for your timesaving pleasure, is a summary of the friendliest replacements. Best of all, all of them put together cost less than you’ve been paying for MobileMe.
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