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Start Caring About the User Experience Now #websitedesign

User experience is widely encompassing, involving everything from usability, accessibility and performance to design, aesthetics and marketing. 

Essentially, the user experience is the connection, emotions and experience a user feels when using a product or site. If the user experience is poor, it’s unlikely they will come back. If the user experience is memorable, however, a site or product can effectively engage for long-term potential.


Small businesses especially should care about user experience since they have little room for error compared to their larger competitors. Small businesses often lack the budget to undergo a major brand or marketing transition, making a consumers’ first impression of the user experience vital in shaping their chances of becoming a repeat customer.


Here are six reasons why small businesses should care about UX, as well as what they should focus on:

Source - Read More: www.websitemagazine.com

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