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Top E-commerce Trends to inform your 2017 marketing strategy

These massive trends will change E-commerce marketing this yearWe are now well into 2017. If you are to develop a winning e-commerce marketing strategy you’ll need to start planning now. E-commerce continues to grow rapidly, but with the huge market acting as a magnet to brands large and small, competition will ramp up faster than the total growth of the market. This means customers will be harder to win, easier to lose and fussier on price and user experience.

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Traffic Growth Strategies for Small Businesses Going Digital

Running a decent blog or e-commerce store is challenging in multiple areas. Difficult tasks include designing a site structure, applying a content strategy and never mind attracting traffic. WordPress based blogs and those that run on other CMS platforms are faced with an array of time consuming issues and have to consider all kinds of traffic growth strategies.

Issues such as content development and the various technical gripes that WordPress is known for. E-commerce store owners do not fare that much better either. Having to face such issues as updating product descriptions, order tracking and tweaking sales funnels on a daily basis.

Traffic Growth Strategies : Websites With High Return Visitors

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Black Friday is dying a slow death

Black Friday is losing its relevancy to US shoppers. The holiday, which takes place the day after Thanksgiving, has historically been the biggest shopping day of the year in the US.


But over the last several years, shopper traffic in stores on Black Friday has been falling with many retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon kicking off their holiday discounts online several weeks in advance.


Foot traffic in stores this year is expected to fall by about 3.5% on Black Friday compared to last year, according to data from the location tracking service Foursquare….

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