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The Psychology of Images and Infographics in Content Marketing

Have you ever wondered why we usually look at the top image of a blog post?

Images communicate. They make us curious and stimulate our minds as we view them.

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Not only do they say a lot, but they also have a huge impact on how the text that accompanies them is interpreted. The right image supports the main points made in the content, which is why content marketers always use images.

Infographics are not a new part of the marketing arsenal. We have been looking and using the infographics for years. In fact, brands try different engagement strategies, and have seen that infographics are a form of communication which takes less time to consume and delivers more than the rest.

If you’re wondering why images have a psychological impact on readers, then you should know that the study  ‘Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche,‘ conducted by John Suler at Rider University, resulted in amazing findings on Images and Psychology. One of the interesting things was that our unconscious mind never forgets but intrigues us even when the conscious mind has already forgotten a piece of information.

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