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The Undeniable Influence of the Emoji

At the surface level, emojis are just a way to add emotion or personality to the less personal ways we communicate. If you’re like many consumers out there, you probably like to include an emoji or two in text messages or social media posts. After all, there’s an emoji to describe practically any emotion, product, or activity you can think of (even though we’re all still waiting for a taco to come with the iOS 9.1 update).

People send an average of 96 emojis or stickers per day, which adds up to 6 billion around the world. Marketers have taken note of their popularity and have found ways to incorporate them into their digital marketing strategies. Social media, email marketing, and mobile apps have all become commonplace for the use of emojis.

Case in point: take this story out of the UK that went viral. McDonald’s created a billboard to feature along a busy highway to promote its restaurants near London, and decided to share their marketing message solely with emojis. The sequence indicated a pattern of traffic and construction, two likely reasons for delays on the highway. It then shows a crying face due to the delays, followed McDonald’s famous arches and a smiley face.

Source - Read More: www.business2community.com

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