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Why Marketers Can No Longer Ignore Audio Content

In a new study on content formats, Edison Research found that interest in Facebook content is still in steady decline. In fact, in their published report, “The Infinite Dial,” the researchers state that 15 million users have stopped using the social media platform since 2017. Perhaps less surprisingly, the drop-off in usage is most obvious with people under age 55. Far and away, Facebook remains the most often used platform, but it’s not necessarily growing.


So what is everyone younger than 55 doing online instead? Twitter and Pinterest usage remains unchanged, but Instagram and Snapchat have each seen a steady increase the last few years, especially with users between ages 15 and 35. That all tracks with the common understanding of young people and their online habits—they’re more comfortable with ephemeral content and multimedia, and they’re way more likely to share content they enjoy.

Source - Read More: contently.com

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