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WOW 700,000 Views – Power of Content Curation #contentmarketing

Brian Yanish Marketinghits Content Curation Scoopit

Hard to believe I now have over 700,000 views on my curated topics within Scoop.it.

I guess you can say I accidentally became a content curator. For many years I’ve said, “I attend the School of Daily Learning” (also known as the Internet) where I find and explore new content and topics.

Before when I found something that I wanted to save, I’d save/bookmarked it into one of my many folders. I had thousands of web pages bookmarked. I would show this “cool” stuff to my friends and family, (my wife likes to call it my random information) this before there was a Twitter or Facebook.

Then a few years ago along came a site called Scoop.it. It looked cool, so I signed up as a beta tester, thinking it could help me sort my random information. Scoop.it did help me sort all this great content, but the other thing it did was help me share that content to the world through the social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Content curation has helped me build up a following of almost 100,000 like-minded people from around the world. With content creation you can add your own insight into the content you’re sharing.

Curation, has also allowed me to participate in discussions on many different topics including marketing, social media and website design.

You can find my Scoop.it page here. http://www.scoop.it/u/brian-yanish

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